It’s not technically the Technocrat. There are two of us.

One is Doug Busk, posts marked by by db. Doug works in the wireless biz, as you might be able to detect from several of his entries. He’s a preppie at heart (you can take the boy out of Greenwich, but you can’t take Greenwich out of the boy) with a penchant for electronic devices he doesn’t need, candy no-one seems to eat any more (remember “Bit o’Honey”?) and run-on sentences his 8th grade english teacher never managed to beat out of him.

The other is Ben Kealy, posts marked by bk. Ben has worked in the internet business for 11 years. His love of politics was on display early as he did a killer Jimmy Carter impression when he was 7. A New Yorker at heart, Ben was raised in Manhattan, he assumes all things marketed towards an urban market are directed at him. He loves mom, ‘merica, and strawberry-rubard pie… or is that an elitist pie? Better make it apple.

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